Mezzinabox™ Mezzanine Floors


Modular, lightweight, self build mezzanine floors

Illustration of 4 mezzanine floor platforms, one with stairs.

Do you have unused space in your existing premises which can be utilized at little extra cost?
Look up and if your roof is around 5m or more above your slab,and there are no permanent fixtures (roof trusses,overhead crane rails,etc) which might impede your plans,why not consider buying a MODULAR, LIGHTWEIGHT, SELF-BUILD MEZZANINE FLOOR to enable you to make good use of this FREE extra space!!

As with the initial mezzanine floors, extension bays come with all of the necessary components to allow you to extend the mezzanine floor in either direction - affording you the opportunity to create much larger mezzanine floors simply by adding further packages.

The price shown is cheaper than that of an initial mezzanine floor as less components are required (certain components within initial or extension designs are common to additional adjacent bays and are therefore shared).
In the event that you require extension bays, e-mail us a sketch showing what you wish to achieve and we will ensure that you receive the correct materials AND relevant drawings and calculations.

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