Mezzinabox™ exists to sell self-build,off the shelf Mezzanine Floors to anyone who sees the sense and value in procuring the means to utilize potentially vast amounts of extra space which they already own or rent!

The Mezzinabox™ mezzanine floor concept is very simple - imagine that you are buying a new suit of clothes for a special occasion. You might be measured up, specify a particular fabric, agree a financial consideration and have an outfit made just for you, with delivery in a number of weeks or even months.

Now imagine that you simply want a decent, good quality new suit which you can wear for any occasion. You visit the store, pick something that you like, with a great fabric, a decent fit and a price that you like - it may not have that orange lining and contour hugging fit which the bespoke suit offered but you like it nevertheless and what's more, you can take it away and be wearing it in a fraction of the time.

mezzanine-boxesMezzinabox™ mezzanine floors are not bespoke - that is, they are available in a few modular sizes which can be ordered in various configurations in order that many possible sizes of floor can be achieved simply by adding INITIAL and EXTENSION bays together.

Simple square and rectangular formats suit the concept,and we have simplified the process further by providing basic necessities within the INITIAL and EXTENSION prices but with various options available should you wish to add ancillary items in order to optimize the eventual design to suit your requirements.

In order to maintain low prices,we have done away with some elements of the fabrication - see our BITS & PIECES page.

If you do decide that a more traditional "design and fit" mezzanine floor is the only solution, please contact us, we'd be delighted to have a no obligation chat with you to discuss your requirements. With many years of experience and our own design engineers, Mezzinabox™ are equally adept at providing a very competitive product, made specifically for YOUR needs - site surveys, Local Authority applications and full installation is normally included in our quote!

Mezzinabox™ is the mezzanine floor equivalent of that "off the peg" suit :

  • It does the job well
  • It fits - albeit without hugging the contours
  • It is more cost effective
  • It lasts just as well
  • It is available in a fraction of the time
  • It is guaranteed and comes from a reliable, trustworthy, experienced British company
  • It can benefit from later alterations just like the bespoke option