Although we want you to save money and build the structure yourselves wherever possible, Mezzinabox™ recognises that some of you would rather pay a premium in order to have the installation carried out by experienced fitters.

We are quite happy therefore, to arrange installation on your behalf – you will still be responsible for ensuring that the installation area is clear and safe (as per our notes in the BITS AND PIECES page), as well as looking after the integration of the fitters into your own H&S procedures, and arranging for the provision of any hired in plant and equipment required to get the job done (we will advise you as to what will be required).

Should you wish to follow this route, add the installation to your order based upon the total square metreage you wish to have installed from the options below – note that ancillary items such as Handrailing, Stairs, increased heights, etc have no impact upon the price (assuming that you are having at least one floor bay fitted and the ancillary items are being installed upon the Mezzinabox™ floor).

Square Metreage Price
Install 1m2 – 40m2 £645
Install 41m2 – 80m2 £1,197
Install 81m2 – 120m2 £1,712
Install further 1m2 – 40m2 increments
for example, 121-160m2 add 1 qty, 161-200m2 add 2 qty, etc