By the person placing the order, or their nominated third party. Mezzinabox™ do not include installation/erection within the quoted rates, however a written quotation can be provided at the client’s request.
Installation is easy, assuming that the install team follow the guidelines issued by Mezzinabox™ (instructions forwarded with drawings and calculations),and also observe any SITE SPECIFIC H&S regulations laid down by the end user or their agents.
Typically,a team of 2-3 persons with average DIY skills can erect around 15-25m2 of Mezzinabox™ Mezzanine Floors in a full working day,suggesting that all but the larger bays can be in place over the course of a single day, using DIY tools and mechanical lifting equipment (Fork Truck or “Genie” type lift which can be hired from hire shops).


Forwarded by Mezzinabox™ on receipt of payment, by post and (where possible) e-mail,to enable THE CLIENT to incorporate the detail within their application to Local Authority Building Control,or an Approved Inspector.
Drawings will be dated and marked up with the client’s name and adress (site) and be accompanied by a set of calculations proving the structural design for the floor.


Mezzanines installed within the UK are subject to current Building Control Regulations and it is the client’s responsibility to notify their Local Authority, either directly or through an Approved Inspector.
Mezzinabox™ DO NOT make the application for Building Control Approval and it is incumbent upon the client to understand their legal position in this matter. PLANNING PERMISSION IS NOT NORMALLY REQUIRED!


Normally around 10-14 working days from order (unless you change your mind or request a delay) – in any event, we will always agree and advise you of delivery dates following order and payment.


Required in full with order and can be made by BACS or by cheque (in which case Mezzinabox™ will fax or e-mail a pro-forma invoice). Orders will not be treated as “firm” until payment is cleared, at which point delivery will be agreed.


Not really an issue for Mezzinabox™ since we don’t install, however our experience can help the client, so please read the section entitled GETTING TO SITE AND GETTING IT BUILT.


Mezzinabox™ deliveries will normally be carried out using on external carrier employing a 7.5 or 10T capacity truck.
Offloading at site is the responsibility of the client, as is transfer to the working area and we expect the carrier to be offloaded within no more than 60 minutes of arrival at your site – any delays beyond this may incur further costs on your part.


Mezzinabox™ mezzanine floors are priced to do the job, without necessarily looking like a showroom car! The paint finish will be comparable to that of a traditional bespoke floor, however we do not include a contingent to cover re-touching on site!
Paint scratches and scuffs can either be ignored (the mezzanine floor will still perform beautifully) or they can be touched up by the client – a can of paint is supplied with order!



Examples of Mezzanine floors supplied by Mezzinabox™ – Modular, lightweight, self build mezzanine floors online
Other than achieving the necessary approvals, it is important that you satisfy yourself as to the capability of your slab to accept the loads conveyed by the floor when partially or fully loaded.

The priced pages show the maximum axial load which will be imposed upon your slab and it is your responsibility to ensure that this figure can be accommodated!

We recommend that you obtain this information from your landlord or developer-the make up of the slab and subfloor should be known to both and it should also be detailed in any deeds or drawings provided during purchase or rental of the property.

Typically, you will require a minimum of 150mm reinforced concrete slab on a compacted hardcore – check first!
Once the mezzanine floor is delivered, it needs to be conveyed to the build area. We would suggest that a Fork Truck be used for ease, speed and safety, although manpower and trollies will get the job done.

mezzanine7Aim to clear the route to site as much as possible to limit damage to persons or property and have a person responsible for ensuring the integrity of this route.

Clear the build area entirely if possible and cordon it off, keeping anyone NOT helping to build or move it away from danger-ensure that all power, machinery or other potential remaining hazards can be and are negated.

In ALL CASES think about where the mezzanine floor will be sited and how it will get there (and be built) before you place the order.
Check and re-check that the premises can accommodate the structure. Look into the slab capacity, the landlord’s conditions and the Local Authority view!