Mezzanine Floors installed in the UK are required to comply with Local Authority Building Regulations in order that the installation can be considered to meet current standards laid down by the relevant Government body – the regulations cover (amongst other things) means of escape in the event of fire, access for disabled users, early warning and protection from fire, etc. The advisor will also cover the implications for your Fire Certification in concert with your local Fire Officer, and help you to comply with this requirement too.

The legislation is contained within the current Building Regulations which can be viewed on the Local Authority Building Control website, however there are various bodies who will help you to understand and identify which standards you must meet for your proposal – you can contact your own local Council and ask for the Building Control Department, or you might wish to pay for an Approved Inspector to advise you (this route may cost you a little more, however it normally results in a speedier response and conclusion).

There are many Approved Inspectors who can be found on the internet – a company called Butler & Young are known to us and they are a professional, courteous outfit who will no doubt provide you with the requisite assistance – they can be contacted on 0121 233 3144 or via their website.